While Freddy vs Jason was in a hurry getting delayed severely at New Line Cinema, they decided to keep the franchise relevant by throwing a new entry together in a hurry. Not wanting to mess with the timeline, they set it way in the future. They still screw up the timeline pretty bad regardless, even within the movie's events, but that's not what m… Read More

After RoboCop lost it's way, going from a dark tale with light hearted presentation to a light hearted tale, RoboCop (2014) set forth to course correct... probably too much. Giving us a dark tale with dark presentation. Well, who needs intentional humor in movies anyway?Source: RoboCop (2014) Movie Review - Decker ShadoMore Videos… Read More

Los Angeles is infested with crime, with a cult of murderers killing helpless women.. I mean, unconnected people with not distinct pattern... and only one man can stop them. He happens to be a super badass cop who is so good at his job, the entire police force hates him, The Cobra! Also, I don't mean to surprise you, but this is an 80s action movie… Read More

Back in 1982, sometimes it still looked like 1973, and when that happened.. SERIAL KILLERS WERE ON THE LOOSE! As we see in this week's review, The New York Ripper. It's about a guy who goes around New York stabbing young women to death, whom the police refer to as "the ripper." Sound familiar? Well this guy quacks like a duck, which makes it totall… Read More

Continuing the summer of Leprechaun, we have Leprechaun 2 of course! Easy thing to be unsure about though, as there's a ...Source: Leprechaun 2 Movie Review - Decker ShadoMore Videos… Read More